Visiting Quasimodo


“Hey Frank, did you hear you can see most of Paris’ big attractions in one day?”

“Um no Bob I didn’t know that”

“Well you can and some English girl did it with her boyfriend”

After a little lie-in we took to the metro for our first stop off on our whistle stop tour of Paris.


Just near Notre Dame is the lovely Cafe Panis it offers freshly squeezed orange juice and amazing cheese and ham omelettes.


After fuelling up for the day we wandered in to Notre Dame; it’s such a beautiful place and although its always full of tourists there is still this feeling of peace within its walls.


We queued for around 30mins to access the roof and tower and trust me it’s so worth it. The views are stunning and the gargoyles are quite something.


Hopped onto another metro and came out at Sacre Ceour we didn’t spend too much time at the actual Basilica but wandered through the streets of the old town.


Paris is full of surprises and after hearing shouts we peered through the trees to a secret theatre.


Before eyeing up the delicious desserts in windows.



We ducked into Maison Georges Larnicol to escape the rain and came out with a box of Macarons and a selection from their chocolate pick ‘n’ mix.


The rain had well and truly set in but in true British fashion we soldiered on and continued on to the Arc de Triomphe


I’ve never seen the Arc de Triomphe so it was lovely to both experience something for the first. We climbed up a lot of stairs to yet again view the city from a birds eye view.


It’s still breathtaking even when foggy.


The rain started to clear just in time for an impressive parade wending its way through the streets.


Suddenly we had blue skies and a little bit more time than we anticipated so we sped off to see The Louvre.


Jeans – ASOS|Jumper – H&M (similar)|Jacket – Brandy Melville (similar)|Shoes – Converse via Office|Glasses – Specsavers.

We didn’t have enough time to go inside and view the art but instead took a stroll in the nearby gardens.


Where we met these adorable buddies.


We said goodbye to the beautiful city, spent the rest of our euros on wine and cheese to take home before falling asleep on the Eurostar and waking up in London.

Any suggestions for places we should go next time we are in Paris?

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