Gift Guide|Secret Santa


Certain Death Hot Sauce|Wine Flu Coaster|Champneys Shower Gel|Worst-Case Scenario Book|Whittards Tea Trio.

Christmas is coming and whether you are embracing the festive season or not its time to start thinking about presents. Now there are an abundance of gift guides all over the internet however i’ve not seen anything for anyone who is doing Secret Santa. I always do Secret Santa with both my work colleagues as well as my girlfriends so I am pretty much a pro at it whatever the price range. All of the above are under £20.00 and most of them are under £10.00 so whatever your budget there is an idea.

Tea lovers get down to Whittards they always have lovely tea sets – caffeine and chocolate lovers can also be provided for. If you’ve got any dare devil friends who love a bit of spice then finding unique hot sauces is a great idea. I purchased the above from a deli in Norfolk with someone particular in mind but there are hundred online.

Bath stuff is always a good thing in my book and especially when you can pick up luxury items from you local boots. I use this Champneys shower gel myself and as shower products go it’s bloody good! For the drinkers in your friendship group who already have a wine cellar as big as the office a funny coaster is always a must, or if you’ve been given the joker or the group a comedy coffee table book always goes down well.

Hope this helps anyone stuck in a festive rut.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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