Dear Mr Potter

I am a massive Potterhead. I grew up with the books and the films later on living every second and wishing my letter to Hogwarts would come through and well it seems I was going to be starting Hogwarts a little late this term.


photo 1-2

My mum bought me tickets for Hogwarts in the Snow at the Warner Bros Studio Tour for my birthday and I have literally been counting down the days until I got to visit again.


Seeing as it’s getting nearer to the Christmas they have decked out some of the sets with some festive cheer.


Even Slytherins enjoy Christmas.


I love how they not only have the different sets but a behind the scenes look at all the costumes and make-up that went in as someone who works in the industry its always good to see how others work.


P1250539    P1250540


One of my favourite things to do is hunt for the random props contained within the huge cages; there are some real gems.


The attention to detail on every set is amazing, some things you would never spot on the film but they just help create the whole atmosphere.


Check back tomorrow to see some of the new additions to the studio tour.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

2 thoughts on “Dear Mr Potter

  1. AHHH! I wish I could have gone to this while I was in your country! We have the smaller version in LA but I heard it isn’t as great as this. It’ll be on my to-do list for next time. Thanks for the post 🙂

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