My Favourite Make-up Brushes


My name is Kate and I am a make-up brush addict. I am a firm believe that you should spend more on your make-up brushes because without good quality brushes  you can’t get a good base or well blended eyeshadow.


A good base is a make or break of a make-up look and although a good quality foundation is important the right brush is to me even more important. My favourite for buffing in liquid foundations is the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush, the dense bristles make it easier to get the product to blend into your skin rather than sitting on top of the skin and gives an even finish to the face.

I normally favour my finger or the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge for liquid concealer but when it comes to cream concealers like the Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer I prefer the Eco Tools Concealer Brush. The pointed end helps get into all the little contours of your face and again the density of the brush gives a smooth finish to the skin.

I love a good contour and only ever use my Real Techniques Setting Brush, it’s quite a tiny little brush which means it doesn’t spread too much powder on your face so you can get a very subtle contour without looking like a muddy zebra. I don’t have a favourite blusher brush – trying saying that 10 times fast; but two that I often use are the Clinique Blush Brush and the Real Techniques Multi Task Brush.


I go through phases with eyeshadow sometime I can’t stop packing it on, other times I’m just not interested but when i’m having an eyeshadow moment my favourite for packing on colour is the Superdrug Pro:11 I am pretty sure this has been discontinued which makes me heart broken because they are super soft, pick up loads of product – even rubbish shadows and then blends them into perfection.

I am still yet to find the perfect blending brush so for know I am flitting between the MAC 217 and the Real Techniques Essential Crease Brush. I also go through phases when it comes to eyeliner but anytime I am using a gel liner, my favourite is currently MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack I pick up The Make-Up Brush Company Fine Liner Brush, its a super thin brush so perfect for precision lining plus its pink so looks pretty on my dressing table.

What are your favourite make-up brushes?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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