Rainy Day Activities

Grey skies day after day doesn’t make for the greatest holiday weather. So if you are visiting London in the rain here are a few indoor activities for when you need to shelter. 


5 Things To Do In London

London is my home town and if you want to learn all about the groovy hidden spots (that really aren’t that hidden) then Google has the answers but if you’re new to London and just want to hit up some great places then here are 5 that I personally love!

The London Aquarium

Right by the River Thames is the London Aquarium bursting full of exotic fish, plants,reptiles and more. Perfect for taking the kids but also anyone who has a keen for photography – there are some great snaps waiting to be taken. Its not the cheapest trip out in London but there are some great vouchers and codes out there again Google is your friend! 
The London Eye


If you are new to London then a trip on The London Eye is the perfect way to view the entire city. Again it’s not the cheapest of attractions but the views are well worth it. Even as a Londoner I still find it breathtaking and would happily take another trip on the eye.


The Natural History Museum


If you are more of a museum lover or need somewhere for a rainy day then The Natural History Museum is the place for you. I often visit when I’m just at a loose end but there are plenty of exhibitions going on all the time as well as the permanent collection – check out The Darwin Center if you want to see what goes on behind the scenes.


Harry Potter Studio Tour


A little out of central London is the Harry Potter Studio Tour and trust me this is not just for us Potter nerds. If you have any interest in the film industry then this is a perfect day out. Full of fun facts you can live out your dreams of going to Hogwarts-not just for kids adults love this as well!


Hampton Court


Again a little outside of London but this historic palace is an amazing sight seeing visit, perfect throughout the year the castle adapts with different events occurring throughout the year but again is a great place to visit even when there isn’t something extra exciting on – and don’t forget to get a cloak!


What are your favourite places to visit in London?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Late Night Museum Trips

If you’re not in the festive spirit yet then hopefully this post will give you hand. Recently my sister surprised my mum and I by coming to stay for a few days and we took the opportunity to have an afternoon and evening in London.


In amongst the twinkling trees lies the magnificent Natural History Museum and on the last friday of every month they have a light night opening with music, food and drink. The museum is free to enter although some of the exhibitions are ticketed.


We had booked tickets to go and view the Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibition; something that we visit every year and as always I was so impressed by the gorgeous photographs of the world and the animals around us. However I was rather disappointed that so many people were snapping photos on their smart phones – with a no photography rule and a lovely selection of postcards on sale it really ruined the atmosphere.


Waistcoat – Thrifted|Shirt – Brandy Melville|Jeans – Topshop|Boots – Primark.


After the photography exhibition I pulled my mum and sister round the dinosaur display (secret dino geek) with the museum being open after hours I felt a little like I was in The Night at the Museum and was waiting for the skeletons to start moving.


A short walk down the road lit up by Harrods we nattered over orange hot chocolates in Costa before setting off home.

Are you feeling festive?


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Beat the monday blues…

I hate mondays, I don’t know why but I always have a little black cloud hovering above my head however I have discovered how to beat the monday blues. If you don’t have work or school etc grab your best friend jump on a train and hop into London. A and I did this last monday and I took a few snaps I wanted to share with y’all


The Natural History Museum is literally one of my favourite places to visit its free and there is so much to see; also the architecture inside is just gorgeous. I only just noticed that there are carved monkeys on the arches.


Some suggestions of what to do at the Natural History Museum; The Spirit Collection is a free behind the scenes tour where you can see all the specimens they have in their archives including a giant squid called Archie, or you can travel through the centre of the earth and experience an earthquake in the red zone, or do both of these and be big kids all over again.


After viewing weird things in jars and being an explorer of the earths crust grab something yummy for lunch. I like Le Pain  Quotidien which is two minutes from Natural History, the coffee is to die for and the food is amazing. Pictured above is the chicken club well worth a try.


If you’re not bored of your friends company invite them back to yours grab some Pimms (or beverage of choice) some chip and dip and wait whilst dinner cooks. A and I made sweet chill chicken with salad and coleslaw.

What are your ways of beating the monday blues?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO