Wingardium Leviosa


I have been wanting to go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour since it opened and I finally got my act together to go. Taking my lovely mum who is as big a fan as I we travelled across town to the wonderful world of Leavesden Studios after a short queue, introductory talk and video I was standing in the great hall and yes I shed a little tear!


Since when did the house elves have armour?

Inside there are sets, props and costumes for everyone to squeal over and you can even ride a broomstick. nearly everything from the films is contained within two sound stages and an outside area.


All I’m saying is that butter beer is seriously delicious, I’m not sure what they make it out of but its sort of cream soda like with a hint of magic!


Jumper Ark|Dress (worn as skirt) Missguided.

Every part of the experience is magical and even if you are not a die hard fan – yes I queued at midnight in costume for every book and film, the whole thing is an interesting look behind the scenes of the block buster films. I took over 200 hundred photos as did my mum its safe to say I get snap happy when over excited.

This is great for both adults and children and I would highly recommend it.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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