A Taste of Peru in London

No marmalade on the menu though!

We missed out on going to this restaurant back in June due to isolation so we very spontaneously booked a table one Sunday to make sure we didn’t miss out and boy am I glad we did! I’ve never tried cuisine from Peru let alone street food and I am now obsessed.

After snapping some outfit photos in front of curtained doors that I almost blended in to we pottered off down Frith Street and headed inside the seemingly tiny Ceviche Soho. It stretches back pretty far and we found ourselves a little table for two and ordered a feast.

It’s all small plates so if you’re not a big food sharer buckle up and get used to it!

We had to order the traditional sea bass ceviche; of course! It’s like Peruvian sashimi, not 100% my cup of tea but the Mr loved it. The Sea bass bao bun was the best thing I’ve tried so far this year; salty and spicy wrapped up in a fluffy bun I could have eaten ten!

We also had crispy squid, egg fried rice (because hey why not) and corn and prawn tamal which looks-wise wasn’t that great but was a gorgeous creamy, yet salty dish. The Mr treated himself to a few meaty bits the pork belly bites as well as grilled octopus and chorizo skewers with sweet potato puree; he says its the best octopus he’s eaten. All the food was delicious and there are some fantastic vegan and gluten free options so if you’re looking to try something a little different I would definitely recommend.

Have you tried Peruvian food before?

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