Meet Florena the Fermented Skincare Line

Discover a fresh, conscientious approach to cosmetics which is committed to the use of natural ingredients and sustainable, ethical skincare.

These products were gifted to me for review.

When Florena got in contact to see if I wanted to try some of their skincare range I’d never heard of fermented skincare so I was eager to see what they had on offer. Their products are also vegan, 99.47% natural origin ingredients and their jars are made of 97.5% recycled plastic. So what exactly is fermented skincare? Fermentation transforms natural ingredients into compounds that actively nourish the skin. Using this process they are able┬áto create eco-friendly skincare products which rejuvenate and revivify the skin through the use of natural oils and flowers. So do the products actually work?

Their moisturisers are enriched with fermented camellia sinensis and fermented olive oil.

The Nourishing Night Cream is rich but absorbs quickly into the skin. It does leave a slight tackiness to the skin but I don’t mind that too much as I apply an oil afterwards. The olive oil contains at least 10 more times essential free fatty acids compared to non-fermented olive oil, such as Omega 6 and Omega 9 which means your skin feels nourished and pampered by the morning. The 24H Hydrating Day Cream is more lightweight but helps lock in moisture and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Both of them are for all skin types and if you have dry skin I would recommend adding a facial oil either into the moisturiser or after you’ve appplied.

If you have been following my blog for a while you will know how much I love a facial oil so I was very excited to try what Florena had to offer. Their Illuminating Facial Oil is enriched with fermented Pink Helichrysum; known for its powerful antioxidant benefits and fermented Safflower Oil known for its nourishing and hydrating benefits. It’s quite a wet oil so I wouldn’t use too much but it leaves your skin soft, hydrating and with a beautiful glow.

I normally prefer a cream based cleanser however a solid Cleansing Bar is far better for the environment. It is made with fermented Jasmin and fermented Angelica oil and contains a 100% natural origin formula that cleanses thoroughly yet gently, removing dirt and impurities. As a dry skinned girl it does leave the skin a little bit parched after use but it doesn’t strip your skin like a traditional soap would.

I haven’t used the face mask yet however as it contains the same fermented ingredients as the two moisturisers so I think it will be great to give my skin a burst of hydration and nourishment. The products are available to buy at Boots online, I would highly recommend the facial oil as it does exactly what it says and is great for mixing into face creams. If you are looking for a plastic free cleanser option this one is great and completely natural. It’s a mid range (price) skin care.

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