Experience Van Gogh Alive at Kensington Gardens

Looking for a way to spend these long summer evenings? I have the answer for you.

Can you tell I am absolutely living for the fact that museums and exhibitions are open! I missed experiencing Van Gogh Alive in Brussels when it first opened so I booked tickets when it moved to London. It’s not your standard art exhibition by any standards so if you aren’t a fan of wandering through endless halls of paintings hanging on walls in fancy frames then this might just be for you.

Experience the beauty and intensity of Van Goghs work from a different angle. It’s an immersive, multi sensory experience like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Set to a phenomenal soundtrack journey through Goghs life and paintings through projections surrounding you. It’s the perfect way to re-discover paintings we’ve seen, heard and learnt about in a new way. As always here is a little sneak peek at what it has to offer but it’s something you really have to experience for yourself.

Once you’ve experienced the amazing array of his work why not pop into the sunflower immersive room which is the perfect place to take a selfie or two.

The exhibition is on in Kensington Gardens until September and I cannot stress enough how much you should get tickets. Be it for date night, a mother daughter day or as something to do solo. The photos I took obviously don’t do it justice!

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