Meet The Shampoo My Curls Love

This isn’t another curly girl method post!

Over lock down I dabbled in the ‘curly girl method’ but it really wasn’t for me due to the time and effort you have to put in on a daily basis, however that doesn’t mean I haven’t taken some of those products into my hair care routine.


I’m very much a wake up and go sort of girl, so I got the chop (again) because I find shorter hair so much easier to manage. I had been using the same shampoo for ages, Superdrug Coconut Water because it actually cleans your hair and doesn’t leave it feeling coated however through my curly girl method dabblings I discovered Kind Natured Bamboo & Sea Kelp Smooth Curls Shampoo. It’s packed full of ‘curl loving’ ingredients and helps to detangle, define and get the bounce back in your curl. It’s free from sulphates which according to the internet are bad for curls – who knew but I do think it helps define and detangle my mop of waves. It’s vegan, cruelty free and under £5 which I think is a win win situation plus it actually cleans your hair and doesn’t leave it coated.

I also discovered using a microfiber towel; normal towels are damaging to curls so this helps dry your hair without ruining it (i’m not sure on the science of this) This towel turban is from Soap & Glory and makes life so much easier after a shower. Flip my hair over put it into the wrap, button it all in place and get on with the rest of getting ready. If you do use curl products you can add them to your hair and then ‘plop’ with the towel – plop is apparently a technical term that I don’t fully understand but it’s curly girl lingo. The combination of the shampoo and the towel have defined my waves without all the extra faff.

If you want to know more about my curly girl adventuring let me know and I can put a post together!

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