Face Masks are Fast Becoming a Style Statement

If you’re still wearing a disposable mask, why?



Wearing a mask isn’t going away any time soon, whether you agree on wearing one or not. Around 129 billion face masks are being used and disposed of globally every single month, that’s all going into landfill! Of course medical professionals account for a lot of that usage and we understand why they need to be wearing disposable ones however if you’re wearing one to go to the shops, get the bus, attend a wedding you really have no excuse not to be wearing a reusable one!

A pack of 10 disposable masks cost £10, that’s almost £10 a week if you’re commuting to work. The one I am wearing in the photos was £4.99 and I can wear it again and again and again (washing in between wears obviously) Below are some of the nicest face masks on the market right now  (in my opinion) or if you’re feeling crafty you can make your own – my wonderful mum has made the majority of mine all with a filter built in and they are so much comfier than the disposable ones.

Most of these are from independent Etsy stores but the high street do have some offerings too including Marks & Spencer and John Lewis.

If you haven’t already bought a re-usable mask there really is no excuse not too!

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