Sometimes You Just Need A Fresh Start

I was going to call this post ‘what to do when you hate your boss’.

It’s not uncommon to wake up in the morning and feel stuck in a rut with work. Sometimes this feeling can go away in a couple of days and you can put it down to just having a bad few days but if the feeling isn’t going away then it’s time to take a deep breath and take the plunge into something new. I’m making it sound like it’s as easy as pie but I know for a fact that changing jobs is one of the hardest things to do which is why recently when I handed in my notice and accepted a new job I thought about how the whole situation could be less stressful.

Think about why you want to leave your old job; not enough money, commute too long or simply in need of a bigger challenge. Once you’ve identified this it’s 10X easier to decide where you want to move onto instead of just opening up your laptop and looking at the thousands on offer. You can narrow down the search and apply for jobs you actually want for the right reason.

Give yourself enough time. Don’t just hand your notice in without having a plan. I’ve never left another job without having something new lined up. Then you won’t lie awake at night worrying about how you are going to pay the rent that month!


See what’s available in the company, when people think about looking for a new job a lot of the time we think we have to completely move out and go somewhere new but there are often plenty of opportunities within the current company that you can explore. If you work in marketing it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a position in finance for you.

Take your time with applications, gone are the days of just sending in a CV with a covering letter. Applications can often take hours so make sure you set aside enough time to give it your full attention don’t just quickly try to cram it in to a lunch break.

Don’t go for something you know is practically impossible to get. I know, it’s not very ‘follow your dreams’ but sometimes it’s pointless applying for something that you have no hope of getting, it’s just added stress and disappointment. It may be that in the future you could apply for that job but you just need a stepping stone to get there.

So if you’ve been scrolling through Indeed the last couple of days close the laptop, get a pen and paper and work out your plan then start the search.

5 thoughts on “Sometimes You Just Need A Fresh Start

    1. Hi Kayla,
      Thank you so much for reading. 100% it’s so hard to motivate yourself to move on but it’s the greatest feeling when you’ve done it 🙂

      Kate x

  1. These are all such great tips. It can be really hard to leave a job, even if you’re unhappy!

  2. I agree with you Kate, you should go for what makes you happy and not stay stick at a job you don’t like. You’re so right, resumes and cover letters are so important, you just can’t finish it in one hour. It takes time to get it right so you grab the company’s attention really well 😁

    Natonya |

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