How to Create the Perfect Cheese Board on a Budget

Cracking cheese Gromit…  

Yes readers this is a whole blog post dedicated to creating the perfect cheese board, something I think every man and woman should be able to do. Whether your entertaining or just fancy some cheese after your dinner – or maybe it is your dinner, getting the balance of cheeses is super important. Trust me it matters!

First up putting together a cheese board doesn’t have to cost you a fortune, mine plus a bottle of wine came to £20 which is pretty reasonable seeing as we bought it from a cheese counter. Let’s quickly chat about which cheeses to choose – because by now you probably think I’m crazy writing a whole post about cheese. We picked just four cheeses two soft and two hard with a selection of flavours ranging from tangy to creamy. I am not a big fan of blue cheese but the Mr is and it’s a popular choice so we selected a Cropwell Bishop, creamy yet tangy or so I was told. I can’t have a cheeseboard without brie so we got a gooey slab of Somerset Brie, plus a Garlic and Herb Goats Cheese log. Lastly because it’s so delicious, creamy and slightly nutty we went for an Aged Goats Milk Gouda.


Now the real question is crackers or bread? After dinner I go for crackers as it’s not to filling but if you’re doing a cheese and charcuterie for a lunch then bread would be my go to. Personally the only crackers to eat cheese off are Hovis Digestives which are shaped like little loaves and are under £1. They have a sweetness which complements the often tangy taste of the cheese. However traditional oatcakes or a poppyseed cracker are also good – again the biscuits don’t need to cost a fortune. Chutney wise caramelised onion is a fail safe but if you’re looking for something a little bit different then I would highly recommend this Apple and Plum Chutney by The English Provender.


Traditionally I would be about to natter on about a delicious red wine to pair with your cheeses however as the weather is still delightful in London and I’m doing a lot more al fresco dining, plus red wine makes me so sleepy I opted for a chilled bottle of Esprit de Buganay Cotes de Provence. If you’re not too sure on wine then Whispering Angel is a safe bet plus it will earn you some trend points! Cheese is full of flavour so you want a wine that complements instead of trying to compete so this light and subtle one was the perfect choice.


So open up the doors onto the patio, invite your friends and family, pour a glass of wine and layer up that cheese. The perfect way to enjoy this London heatwave!

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