Mornings are better with Honest Coffee

*This post is a paid ad for Honest Coffee but my love of coffee and thoughts are all my own.

I honestly can’t function without a cup of Joe in the morning! 


I am not a morning person despite my job and always feel much better when I have had a cup of coffee or three. I’m definitely not a Starbucks girl even when pumpkin spice season comes round the corner. I need to be drinking coffee from companies that really care about where their coffee comes from, who is involved in the process and how the product is created. Honest Coffee hand select co-operatives with great stories; a women’s co-op in Guatemala to the farmers in Peru who have to share their coffee farmland with armed extremists. Not only are they fair trade but they roast in small batches to get the perfect taste.

I’m currently drinking Firefly; grown in Peru and tastes of almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate the perfect sweet and nutty combination to start the day. You can taste the quality of the bean and the production which makes waking up a lot easier! The product works great via a coffee machine.


It’s always a lot easier to start the day with a lesiurly wake up but I still need coffee even then!

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