Sterling Silver Beauties

I’m very much a minimalist when it comes to jewellery. 

Charm Bracelet – Pandora|Pig Necklace- Cupcakes&Chopsticks|Choker- Accessorize|Rings – Accesorize, Pandora, Tiffany|Coin Bracelet – Accessorize.

When I was younger and first started this blog I was a big fan of huge jewelled rings and statement necklaces with clinking bangles piled up my arms; however as i’ve got older I have become much more of a fan of simple sterling silver jewellery.


I’ve had a Pandora bracelet since I can really remember but recently transferred my charms from a red leather bracelet to their classic sterling silver. Each one of my charms has a meaning to it depending on the place it’s from, who bought it or what is represents. It’s one of the main reasons why I love it as a piece because it’s memories I can take with me wherever I go.

Ever since the Mr bought me this gorgeous pig necklace when we first started dating I’ve barely taken it off, occasionally interchanging it with my Tiffany (not pictured). I was however missing layering my necklaces so picked up a sterling silver choker style one from Accessorize. Accessorize is the perfect place to shop for sterling silver jewellery, it’s inexpensive and has a large range of pieces to choose from including matching sets.

Delicate sterling silver jewellery is the perfect way to subtly compliment your outfits and reflect your personality without shouting it from the roof tops. Not that I don’t still have statement items in my collection, they just don’t get used as much I prefer to reserve them for the simpler outfits that need that extra oomph.

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