What’s in my Bag? | 2017

Fancy being a nosey parker? Have a peak inside my bag… 

What you can’t see is the stack of receipts, hair pins and old train tickets piled up on the side!

Before we delve inside let’s talk about the bag itself. I have graduated from handbags to backpacks because well on a day to day basis it’s a lot easier and helps with my wonky posture! It took me ages to decide on what sort of backpack to get but I finally settled on this ALDO Simple Backpack with Front Pocket which I purchased on ASOS. This one is no longer available but here are some similar options here and here.

I love the soft grey because it goes with everything and doesn’t look odd when paired with my black leather jacket, which a black pack back might have. Not only does it have an outer pocket but inside there are lots of little compartments where hairpins can disappear into forever.

Firstly onto the most important items that live in my bag; I still have my trusty Filofax which helps me turn up on time and remember when to say happy birthday to people, I much prefer having a paper diary than one on my phone. My cute Moomin purse was a Christmas present from the Mr, this contains my ridiculous amount of store cards, a few measly pennies and a wad of receipts that I keep vowing to file away! Also when it’s not glued to my hand my phone lives in one of the many pockets.

Keys because where else would I keep them! Poking in at the top you can see my glasses by Specsavers and my sunglasses by Max&Co care of Specsavers* I need both of these for seeing far away things like sign posts and my friends faces so I don’t wave at random strangers. Finally Nurofen; I am a bit of a weird one when it comes to pain killers as I can’t swallow normal tablets so I have to have Nurofen Meltlets in my bag for emergencies!

Also filling the vast expanse of my backpack is my make-up bag; this little one is from Oliver Bonas and is great for my everyday essentials; Illamasqua Hollow, Bee Good Lip Balm, No7 Lip Crayon, Soap&Glory Mascara, Soap&Glory Peach Party plus it houses some brushes and occasionally a tinted moisturiser.

I am notorious at losing important things so I have to keep my gym key in a zipped pocket, yet I still have a blind panic every time I get to the gym and think i’ve lost it! Also in my bag is this cute little notebook which is perfect for jotting down blog ideas, products I want but can’t afford yet – story of my life or places I want to visit.

I think I might be a backpack girl for life although if anyone is offering to buy me a Mulberry i’m not going to say no!

 Are you a minimalist or a hoarder of all things?

3 thoughts on “What’s in my Bag? | 2017

    1. Hiya, thanks for the reading. The purse is from the official Moomin Website but if you live in London there is a Moomin Shop in Covent Garden! x

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