Cinnamon Soho

Carnaby Street at Christmas

Oh the weather outside is frightful but this curry looks so delightful…

Christmas Lights in Carnaby Street

An Indian curry is probably not what you are thinking of during the festive season but I found this gem of a place in Carnaby Street that I can’t not share with you. Cinnamon Soho.

Cinnamon Soho

Snuggled in amongst a ton of other eateries just behind Kingly Court; which we all know I love is Cinnamon Soho.

‘Cinnamon Soho offers fresh, seasonal Indian cookery, with a quirky British twist’

Basil Lemonade at Cinnamon Soho

I kicked everything off with a Basil Lemonade, a super refreshing mocktail the perfect match for a spicy meal.

Lunch at Cinnamon Soho

It took a long time to decide what to have because everything sounds amazing. Eventually the Mr decided on Kerala style boatman haddock curry with tomato and tamarind, a super spicy dish served with rice and we shared a side of Peshwari naan which is my weakness when it comes to Indian food.

Chicken Korma from Cinnamon Soho

Now i’m not the greatest when it comes to spice so I played it safe by ordering their Chicken korma: Tandoori chicken breast, cashew korma, kadhai veggies. Definitely spicer than one you pick up from the shop but still beautifully creamy and perfect if your a bit nervous about spice.

Malabar Plum Cake

Pretty much full to the brim we decided to squeeze in some dessert, in the form of Malabar plum cake with cinnamon ice cream. A beautiful mix of flavours and textures the perfect way to end a lovely meal.

Oxford Street LightsOxford Street Christmas Lights

We decided to take a little stroll down Oxford Street to see the Christmas Lights a great end to a lovely lunch date.

Cinnamon Soho is part of a trio of restaurants called the Cinnamon Collection so if Carnaby isn’t near you check out The Cinnamon Club in Westminster or Cinnamon Kitchen near Liverpool Street.

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