Sterling Silver Lover


I’ve very much become a low key jewellery wearer and I can’t stop wearing these pieces. 

If you’ve been reading my blog for a long time you will know that I used to be a huge fan of chunky rings, lot’s of layered necklaces and bangles; fast forward a few years and I’ve been wearing sterling silver pieces which compliment my outfits instead of making a statement.

I can’t get enough of rings and the majority of mine are from the sterling silver range at Accessorize;I do however have two Pandora rings which are perfect if you are more of a fan of jewelled rings and a Tiffany inscribed band which breaks up the other rings perfectly. I like having a bracelet that will suit both casual outfits as well as smarter and a Pandora charm bracelet is perfect, I love how each charm represents something special and I can keep adding as more life events occur.

I’ve gone from layered necklaces to one single one never leaving me; my pig pendant – i’ve named him Philippe, was the first ever Christmas present the Mr gave me. It’s from a wonderful website called Cupcakes and Chopsticks and it’s so unique and special I never want to wear anything else.

Are you a simple jewellery wearer or more of a statement kind of person?

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