Chocoholic Tea Party


Chocolate, rainbow sandwiches and your best friend; the best way to spend a Saturday.


K and I are both self confessed chocoholics so when searching for a present for her it was only natural for it to be chocolate themed. The Park Lane Hilton offers a chocoholic tea party where we spent an enjoyable afternoon stuffing ourselves silly.


Unlimited tea, coffee or hot chocolate is accompanied by a plate of rainbow sandwiches each with flavours ranging from a classic prawn mayonnaise on basil bread, to curry flavoured bread with egg mayonnaise.


Followed by two tiers of beautiful chocolatley pastries and fancies including white chocolate and strawberry tart, macaroons, black forest gateau cheesecake plus scones with jam, cream and Nutella spread.


Full to the brim we rolled ourselves home before a few cheeky drinks at my local pub.



I bought my Chocoholic Tea Party through buyagift.

5 thoughts on “Chocoholic Tea Party

    1. Thanks so much for nominating me Grace that was really sweet. I don’t really do tags on my blog so I thought I would just answer your lovely questions here.

      What’s your favourite film? – I love Breakfast at Tiffanys but my favourite film keeps changing really.
      If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be? – Cheese
      How long have you been blogging for? – Just over three years
      What is your proudest achievement? – Being invited to blogger events is a massive achievement on my blog, but in general life building my own business has been my proudest achievement.
      Where’s your favourite place to shop? – ASOS is my weak spot for clothes, Screenface in London is my favourite make up place.
      If you were given £100, what would you buy first? – Illamasqua Contour Pallette.
      Summer or Winter? – Winter i love layers
      What is your favourite song at the moment? – Love Yourself by JB
      Do you have any pets? – No I wish I had a dog.
      Did you enjoy school? – School was a rollarcoaster and a very long time ago haha. Some bits were great, some were rubbish.


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