Gin and Giggles

You know its been a good night out when you wake up with your false eyelashes still on and a bunch of photos on your phone that you don’t quite remember taking. I thought i’d share a little snapshot into a night out with me.

IMG_2268FullSizeRender (2)

Leotard – ASOS|Skirt – Bershka|Flash Tattoos – Lottie London.

I got ready in a rush so had to quickly snap an old school mirror picture of my outfit.


We all went for dinner at The Crabtree in Hammersmith, I was having too much fun to snap a photo of my food – shock horror.


Quite clearly I had a few too many Gin and Tonics by this time. After dinner we hopped over to The Southern Belle where they have a karaoke room and yes I hogged the mic for a long while.


Flash on the iPhone is not the most flattering – Shine Alert!


Had such a blast, after weeks of working hard was so good to let my hair down with a bunch of nutters.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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