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Getting the chop can be really scary but i’ve done it quite a few times in my life and every time I absolutely love it. Back in July I got the chop and decided to cut off as much damaged hair as I could and it’s all thanks to the wonderful people at RUSH.

I am very much an impulse person when it comes to hair both colour and cut why else do you think I ended up with rainbow hair so many times. So after killing my long locks for a good couple of months I decided enough was enough and booked in for a change.

RUSH had just opened a hair salon in my town so I thought why not give somewhere new a try – I used to be a Headmasters sort of a girl. I booked online and the next day was trotting into the salon a picture of Karlie Kloss clutched in my hand hoping to come out looking like a Victoria Secret Model. I don’t think the talented Lorna can work miracles but she certainly made my hair look absolutely stunning and i’ve been back every six weeks to let her work her magic.

My hair feels so much healthier even though half of it is still damaged and the cut really works with my small facial features. RUSH has amazing prices and all the staff are friendly and efficient.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Rush Website

Just a heads up this post is not sponsored by RUSH I just get really gushy when I talk about hair!

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