My Top 5 Places to Eat in London

I am very partial to a meal out; preferably with an old friend or family so that we can spend a long time in the restaurant lazily making our way through the courses whilst reminiscing and putting the world to rights. Being a Londoner I have a vast array of choices but have somehow managed to narrow it down to my top five places to eat in (and around) London.

Ping Pong


Kicking it all off with a well known chain Ping Pong; my favourite DimSum place for good service and amazing food. I embarrassingly frequent the Southbank Branch mainly with A by my side shoving pillowy pork buns into my mouth as fast as possible – attractive I know right. They have a great range of both vegetarian and gluten dishes and the main aim is sharing the food with your friends which makes it a great place for a catch up.

I highly recommend: Pork Buns and Duck Spring Rolls.

Website – 

St Margarets Tavern


A little outside of London is a gorgeous local pub which I visit a little to often, it’s menu changes according to the season so for a regular it never gets boring but your old favourites always stay – Yes that towering burger is regularly in front of me! Each dish is packed full of flavour and there is something for everyone. It is so much more than just pub grub!

I highly recommend – Bravette and Brisket Burger and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Website –

Grace Bar


Grace Bar is technically a night club, bar and restaurant all rolled into one but the dining area is quite separate from the rest of it that you don’t really realise. The menu which changes regularly and cocktails are equally amazing, their range of mojitos is right up my street. It’s not a mind blowing place but you know that you are going to have good food and some yummy drinks and that’s all I really look for in a place.

I highly recommend – The whole cocktail menu.

Website –



Another one that is a little outside of Central London but trust me its worth visiting; my family and I have been visiting Brocca for years with birthdays, graduation lunches and farther and mothers day dinners taking place there. Brocca is good italian cooking paired with an amazing atmosphere and fantastic service.

I highly recommend – Everything; seriously i’ve never had a bad dish! 



I’ve raved on about this seafood restaurant on this blog a lot so I’ll keep this short and simple. This is the best seafood restaurant in London. Fresh fish that hasn’t travelled a long distance, that’s cooked to perfection in simple dishes that change with the season and are served with a sizeable portion of chips or salad or if you’re lucky both. Amazing staff and decoration, I highly recommend booking for the evening it gets busy quickly!

I highly recommend – The Lobster and the Bang Bang Prawns

Website –

What are your favourite places in London to eat?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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