Finding Your Own Style

I loved fashion and dressing up from a young age; I could usually be found wearing all my favourite clothes at the same time with my mums hat and a huge pair of glasses prancing about my room like a proper supermodel but actually finding my style has taken a long time and I am sure its still evolving.

I have fashion regrets like most people; black shorts with turquoise tights at age fifteen was probably not my proudest moments but my fashion statements and designs filter through to create my current ‘look’ – I will always have a little bit of preppy Blair Wardolf in my outfit.

Fashion is all about experimenting and finding a ‘style’ that you are comfortable in. My standard uniform has become jeans of some description with most often a black crop top. It’s simple, I know it looks good and it’s comfortable; then when it comes to special events then I can really play with different ideas. I’m always inspired by film/TV characters, especially when it comes to party outfits.

Fashion can help you become someone else if thats what you want, it’s all about breaking the rules and doing what makes you happy; never let anyone tell you what to wear and what to not wear.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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