Last few sights before London|Orkney Day Five

We started our last day with another museum trip – what can I say I love museums.

The Stromness Museum is situated within the heart of the village and is full of local stories and pieces of history.


As the weather was so lovely we just strolled throughout the village soaking up all the beautiful views.


And made some more friends.


We popped into Kirkwall for a spot of lunch at a lovely cafe and live music venue called The Reel before flying home to London.


I absolutely adored my time in Orkney and my mum and I are already planning a trip back next year but this time with my sister and her family. It’s absolutely stunning and I only saw a small snippet of it.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

2 thoughts on “Last few sights before London|Orkney Day Five

  1. Have been to Orkney twice-the first time I stayed in Kirkwall, the second time Stromness, which I preferred. Stayed in the Stromness Hotel, and been in the Reel too. Your post brought it all back-I love the place. Want to move there, but my wife is having none of it!

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