Becoming A Low Maintenance Makeup User


Now don’t think I don’t love make-up anymore because my make-up collection is still as large as ever however I have most definitely become a lot more low maintenance about how much make-up I am wearing on a day to day basis. I love a good smokey eye but possibly not on a Monday morning when i’m sitting in my pyjamas munching on some toast.

Ever since stopping wearing foundation on a day to day basis my skin is looking so much more radiant and I barely wear foundation unless its a special occasion or i’m having a bad face day. Mascara is still a must if i’m leaving the house to see people but now I will scurry round to the shops without anything on my peepers-baby steps people! Lips I have completely ditched anything red or berry toned and really only where nude colours. This I feel is just because of the season and I will be back wearing red lipstick as soon as winter rolls round.

Are you more low maintenance or high maintenance make-up girl?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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