Glowing Summer Skin


No7 Skin Illuminator|Dermalogica Pure Night.

As soon as the sun starts shining I like to change up my base from a full coverage foundation to a barely there lightweight feeling and recently i’ve ditched foundation completely opting to let moisturiser do its work. As a dry skin girl I like very thick moisturisers packed full of hydration and the Dermalogica Pure Night is super hydrating without that sticky feeling. It really helps bring out the best in my skin and stops me from covering up all the freckles. Once that has all sunk in I liberally apply the No7 Skin Illuminator to add an external ‘inner glow’ again its a very lightweight highlighter and gives a very natural glow without making you look like a disco ball.

What’s your summer skin base?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

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