Rimmel Wake Me Up Wonder’full Mascara|Review and Comparison


Rimmel Wake Me Up Wonder’full|Rimmel Wonder’full

Whilst strolling through the aisles of Boots I chanced upon a new offering from RimmelWake Me Up Wonder’full Mascara.

I ended up loving the Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara after it had dried up a little – the formula started out a little too wet for my liking, and I am a huge fan of their Wake Me Up Foundation so I couldn’t help but pick up a mascara that had the potential for greatness (possibly a little dramatic for a beauty product)

The Rimmel Wonder’full added a fullness to my lashes without clumping them but The Wake Me Up adds fullness and length without any clumping. The brushes are different; the Wake Me Up is a fibre wand whereas the original is a plastic comb wand however both separate the lashes and help reduce the clumping, the shape of the Wake Me Up means it grabs all the lashes to help give that wide awake look.

Although the Wake Me Up has the same slightly wet formula it doesn’t smudge as easily as the Wonder’full however I am sure as the formula dries I will love it even more.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Extra Super Lash|Review


Rimmel Extra Super Lash£4.99

We all know I love mascara and I love a budget buy even more, this little gem from Rimmel is the perfect combination of both. The Extra Super Lash helps build up a long and thick lash look, although not great for nights out this would be perfect for an everyday look.

One of the best properties of this mascara is that you can layer it up without it going crispy, gunky or clumpy – check me out with my adjectives. The tapered wand means that you can get super close to the root of the lash and into the inner corner.

Sometimes budget is better!

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Not So Wonder’Full Mascara|Review


Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara£7.99

I am a mascara junkie, I have admitted this plenty of times on my blog so when a new mascara is released particularly when it’s by Rimmel I will purchase it. I was rather intrigued by their latest offering (although I realise this isn’t as current as I first thought) the thought of argan oil in a mascara well seemed rather pointless but regardless of this I picked it up.

It’s a volume mascara hence the witty name but I have to say I feel like this mascara did nothing too my lashes apart from colouring my already dark lashes more black. It has an unusual flexible brush which makes it hard to apply as it sort of bounces off my lashes and the aragan oil doesn’t really make a difference to how soft my lashes are. On the plus side it didn’t clump my upper lashes although they did slightly stick together on my lower lashes.

At only £7.99 I’m not complaining but it’s not something that made enough of an impression on my lashes but if you like a more natural look to your lashes then this might be for you!


Once this mascara had dried up a little bit I actually started liking it, it adds volume to the lashes without clumping

Have you tried the Wonder’full Mascara?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO