Pure Purple|New Hair


Yes, I have dyed my hair again – last month it was Vidal Sassoons Dark Red Violet and this month its the Live Colour XXL in Pure Purple – a vibrant purple with a raspberry feel to it. I did bleach my hair before hand with the Colour XXL Absolute Platinum which really helped intensify the colour.

I used one box of the Absolute Platinum concentrating it mostly on the roots and then working it through the lengths of my hair so that it would add a little bit of more texture and tone to my hair. I then waited over night before using two boxes of the Pure Purple – I have long and thick hair.

I love my new hair colour, it’s a little bit brighter than I expected but once I settled into my hair I embraced the brightness and love how it adds a pop of colour to my monochrome wardrobe.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO