Jeans – New Look|Crop Top – H&M (similar)|Shoes – Converse (similar)|Rucksack – DKNY (similar).

Just a quick little OOTD for a recent trip to the bowling alley. I hadn’t been bowling since I was like 14 and as I suspected I was still awful at it, however I loved my simple but stylish outfit.

Comfy jeans with lots of movement and a crop top perfect for the autumn weather. Chucked all my junk in my DKNY back pack and headed for the bowling alley in my go with everything converse.


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Autumn Walks|OOTD


Jumper – H&M (similar)|Shirt – H&M (similar)|Jeans – New Look|Boots – Kurt Geiger (similar)|Bag – DKNY (similar).

The weather was perfect on Saturday; breezy but not so cold that I had to put a jacket on so my mum and I decided to go for a walk in the afternoon. I wanted to wear something that was comfortable and warm and my H&M combo is perfect for this, although the colours are a little more spring like I love how they look with the browning leaves. My New Look jeans are some of the comfiest I own with an elasticated waistband and form fitting but not too tight. I had to whip out my Kurt Geiger boots they are some of my autumn staples. My DKNY bag was slightly oversized for the walk housing only my camera and my phone but it’s a go with everything type of bag and is great for filling up with junk. After a lovely walk we stopped for a cup of tea before heading home.

Thanks to my lovely mum for taking my outfit post photos she does nearly all of them on my blog and I think has finally stopped thinking its odd!

P1180676Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


A Spooky Day at Disneyland Paris

P1180331As an extra little birthday present K and I set off for a little spooky day trip to Disneyland.


Sweater – H&M|Jeans – ASOS|Shoes – Converse.


The weather was fantastic and after a very early start we finally got into Disneyland just before lunchtime and raced to join the ridiculously long queue for Crushes Coaster in the Studios. After hurtling around at top speed we made our way back to the Park and like we do every year gazed at the castle. I seriously want to live here.


After taking the usual snaps the first parade of the day occurred and yes I made my way to the front like a stroppy little child to wave and squeal at all my favourite characters.


Due to the release of Maleficent earlier in the year the courtyard of the castle had been taken over by Maleficent and her court this was super cool to see all the villains out and about and they were interacting with everyone a lot more than they did last year.




Not only were the villains out to play but Jack and Sally were having a meet and greet, they were so super sweet and chatted to everyone. I am always amazed at how many languages the cast members can speak!


We ended the day watching the afternoon parade which is always my favourite part.


Sadly after such a fun day we got stranded in Paris and had to wend our way back to the UK on a coach, but that’s a story for another time.


Peace Out and Pixie Dust Xo





This little gem hides itself in the haircare aisle next to the old school brands like Pro:Voke and T-Gel it may be an oldie but it is also a goodie. I was introduced to this leave in conditioner during my training as a Make Up Artist and it has not left my side since. It comes in cream form and a small pea sized amount will tame any fly aways, create shine and help dry ends.

It is a lot like a combination of  a serum, split end remedy and shine spray rolled into a cream that has been used for ages and at under £3.00 you can’t really say no. It might not look fancy but it can work magic; however make sure you don’t use too much of this as it can make your hair look a little bit greasy.

Although it looks like something your grandma might use this is a inexpensive and fantastic alternative to all those other lotions and potions for taming, shining and conditioning.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Purple Pink Ombre|Review


Still on my quest to get lilac ends I turned to a favourite brand of mine Live Colour XXL and went for the colour Purple Pink. I did mix it with a little bit of Superdrug‘s Pro Vitamin Colour Protect Conditioner to make it slightly lighter but also to make sure it didn’t dry out my ends. Live Colour XXL is really thick and nice to apply, no dripping onto the floor it clings to the hair and with the bright colour its obvious which bit you have and haven’t done I always leave it on for at least half an hour to make sure I get the full colour out of it.


Now obviously this is nowhere near lilac but I actually really like the colour. It dyed the ends more than the upper part of my bleach but I sort of like the graduation of the colour and my hair doesn’t feel dry which is a major plus. Although it’s not lilac I love this colour and will definitely be topping the colour up, the only downside is that if you use a lot of product when styling your hair i.e. mousse, heat protect etc then the colour tends to fade a little quicker than normal however it does normally last up to at least 6 washes.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Purple Heather|OOTD


Dress – Missguided|Hat – Topshop|Boots – H&M (similar).

Sometimes a dress just says it all and that’s exactly what this one from Missguided does; with its bold tartan print and low cut neckline-well low cut for me anyway. I went for my old favourite H&M heeled boots to give me a little height and a cosy pair of tights from Primark. Yes autumn is here and so its time for the Super Cosy tights to come out of hibernation. As always with a busy dress I tend not to over do the accessorises choosing my Topshop bowler to top off the whole outfit.  I hadn’t really noticed that my hair, dress and lips (Rule Breaker by 17) all matched but I rather like it.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO



Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers|Review


Babyliss Thermo-Ceramic Rollers 3045U£29.99

I always thought I was a curling tong kind of a girl and don’t get me wrong I still love my curling tongs but I have recently been trying out heated rollers to add curl and bounce to my hair, for those days when it’s looking a little bit flat. The Babyliss model 3045U is a 20 roller set with 8 large, 6 medium and 6 small plus you get pins and super clips to help secure everything.

Now I find that putting hot rollers on someone else is 10x easier than doing it on yourself so give yourself a little bit of time to practice before you pass judgement on them. I love the Babyliss ones as they give curl and volume to my hair. I take the 8 large ones and use them on the top of my head and then progress onto the medium ones on the sides and down the back, before filling in any gaps with the tiny ones.

At only £29.99 if you are big into hair tools and want to add some bounce to your hair then these are a great investment.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO