A Spooky Day at Disneyland Paris

P1180331As an extra little birthday present K and I set off for a little spooky day trip to Disneyland.


Sweater – H&M|Jeans – ASOS|Shoes – Converse.


The weather was fantastic and after a very early start we finally got into Disneyland just before lunchtime and raced to join the ridiculously long queue for Crushes Coaster in the Studios. After hurtling around at top speed we made our way back to the Park and like we do every year gazed at the castle. I seriously want to live here.


After taking the usual snaps the first parade of the day occurred and yes I made my way to the front like a stroppy little child to wave and squeal at all my favourite characters.


Due to the release of Maleficent earlier in the year the courtyard of the castle had been taken over by Maleficent and her court this was super cool to see all the villains out and about and they were interacting with everyone a lot more than they did last year.




Not only were the villains out to play but Jack and Sally were having a meet and greet, they were so super sweet and chatted to everyone. I am always amazed at how many languages the cast members can speak!


We ended the day watching the afternoon parade which is always my favourite part.


Sadly after such a fun day we got stranded in Paris and had to wend our way back to the UK on a coach, but that’s a story for another time.


Peace Out and Pixie Dust Xo

Sangria Sisters|Lifestyle


P1180156Recently my sister came to stay and we went to a local tapas restaurant called Pincho and I thought I would share some snaps with you all starting with this yummy jug of sangria which took me back to my recent holiday in Spain.


We stuffed ourselves silly with spicy bbq ribs, salty halloumi cheese, sweet lamb tagine, calamari, meatballs and more. Needless to say my jeans top button was straining by the end of it.


However I managed to cram in some passion fruit cheesecake which was equally as good as the rest of the food.


Me after a few too many sangrias.P1180158

Sitting outside in this unusually warm September evening was glorious and I hope to squeeze in a few more outside dinners before October hits.

Sorry this wasn’t a full lifestyle post it was kind of a last minute idea to go out for dinner and there was lots of catching up to do.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

For menus and booking – www.pincho.co.uk


Take me to Neverland


This is the last of the birthday posts I promise.


Dress- ASOS|Shoes – ASOS.

I have always vowed never to grow up, I can be an adult when I need to be but being a child at heart never hurt anyone so for my 22nd birthday party I gathered my bestest girl pals and had a Neverland themed dinner. I was of course the feisty Tinkerbell.


My wonderful mum did the table decorations for me so all I had to do was cover myself with pixie dust and wait for my band of lost boys to show up.


This motley crew of lovelies have stuck by my side through so much and I couldn’t be more grateful to them.


We started with two melting pots of Cambert before moving onto Chicken stuffed with Chorizo whilst we sipped on Mojitios.

I had such a lovely birthday which was rounded off by this fabulous cake made by K.


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

“I don’t know about you but i’m feeling 22”


It was my 22nd Birthday yesterday and I thought I would share with you a few snaps from the day. I was at make up training for most of the day which was a pretty awesome way to spend my birthday.


In the evening my parents and I went to a local restaurant for dinner, I love a good Italian and their aperitifs are amazing. The dress is H&M and the shoes are Kurt Geiger but look out for a more detailed outfit post coming soon.


After stuffing ourselves to the brim I climbed into bed with my birthday cake and a cup of tea to watch the British Bake Off! Being 22 isn’t so bad and tomorrow it’s party time.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Wandering at Polesden Lacey


Even though the holiday was over we still managed to get out of the city once we were home to still have a little holiday outings.


Around midday we hopped into the car and drove to Polesden Lacey. It’s a house and gardens in Surrey owned by the National Trust. I used to come here every weekend when I was a little munchkin but it had been years since I had explored the gorgeous house and beautiful gardens.


The house itself was originally owned be renowned party thrower Mrs Greville – sort of like a female Gatsby with less dancing and more dining with the King of England plus his mistress and wife! AWKWARD. Recently even more of the house has been opened to the public and its just amazing to look at each room is completely different.


The gardens are equally as beautiful contained within stone walls but there is also acres of grounds which are fantastic for more enthusiastic walkers. We didn’t embark on a hike this visit but instead wandered about the roses wishing this was our own back garden.


Skirt – Zara|Jacket – Topshop (similar)|Sandals – Topshop.


To finish off the day we indulged in a cream tea from the cafe, I ate to admit I was defeated after one – look how huge they are!


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

For more information on the house and gardens click here.

Goodbyes, Rain and Cake|Norfolk Day 3


Sadly our week long holiday was cut short due to one of us being sick – don’t worry it wasn’t me so this is the last holiday post, make sure you’ve read day 1 and 2.


After leaving these 2 critters in charge of our invalid, mum and I set off for a walk.


Which was a complete failure due to it pouring with rain!


Luckily my mum has friends nearby so they popped over for tea and cake whilst we waited for the rain to stop. Just look at the carrot cake-not home made but from Cook!


When the rain had finally stopped and just before we left to travel back to London I went for a little walk on my own just to take a few snaps.


Although it was sad that we had to leave early we have plans to go back in January with the promise of snuggly fires and toasted marshmallows.

However my little adventure didn’t stop just there the vacation became a stay-cation so check back tomorrow for the nest instalment.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

Bacon sandwiches,Shopping and Jigsaws|Norfolk Day 2


If you haven’t seen Day 1 of my Norfolk holidays then click here.


My mum and I started the next morning off with a good long walk from Blakney to Morston Quay. The sun was shining but there was still a good country breeze! I’m not going to lie I felt a little like Dorothy skipping along the yellow brick road!


The highlight of the walk is tea and a bacon sandwich at the end.


After a spot of lunch we jumped in the car and went off to Burnham Market-where Mr Stephen Fry lives for a spot of shopping. Burnham is a gorgeous little village with some popular shops including Jack Wills and Joules as well as a perfect second hand bookshop and a cute gift shop called Norfolk Living definitely worth a visit.


We stumbled upon these crazy scarecrows in the town of Stiffkey!


Back home after spending our hard earned pennies it was my turn to cook dinner. I am pretty much a one trick pony in the kitchen so whipped up my hunters pie which always goes down a treat. If you are interested in the recipe let me know and i’ll pop a little recipe post up for you.


Our evening finished with a movie, tea and a good old fashioned Jigsaw!

Check back tomorrow for another day.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO