Reflecting On My Year So Far…

Reflecting in the sunshine. 

I think we can officially say we are over half way through the year and I thought that seemed like a good a time as any to do some reflecting.

2019 has been pretty to good to me so far. January saw me getting engaged to the love of my life, March I started a new job, June we had an offer accepted on a flat that we want and that just about brings you up to date. I also made some pretty big decisions in the friendship department and cut off some people who had been pretty toxic in my life. It was horrible at the time but now looking back it was the best thing I ever did – if you’ve been thinking about doing it, trust me do it, it will be like a huge weight has lifted from your entire body, plus I even managed to make some new friends recently which as an adult we all know is kind of hard! What’s been really lovely is reconnecting with friends who i’d been cut off from and rebuilding those friendships.


Looking back at the focuses I made at the beginning of the year I am staying pretty ‘focused’ on them. I have been really good at becoming more sustainable, i’ve switched out my day to day plastics as much as possible (re-useable water bottle & coffee cup) and cutting down on non-recyclable packaging options on food, toiletries etc. I’ve also pretty much stopped eating all red meat & pork. Dairy products I’m finding a little harder as I am allergic to lot’s of substitutes but I’m trying. In terms of furthering my career, I left a job with an awful manager and moved to a better job with a much nicer manager. Have I moved up in the company, no but i’m happier so that levels that out, for the moment.

Seeing as we are halfway through the year I thought I would give you a quick run down of some of my favourites so far. I am loving The Office US, I was putting off watching it as I love the UK Office but a night when I couldn’t sleep we popped it on and well we can’t stop watching. Podcast wise I am still loving No Such Thing As A Fish and I recently saw Austentatious live which was hilarious and I would highly recommend catching them whilst on their tour. Skincare wise the Pixi Rose Glow Mist is amazing and I can happily say it’s been re-purchased and added to my bridal kit for clients. I’ve started wearing lipstick again, shock horror I know and I’ve rekindled my love for MDM Flow liquid lipsticks, seriously they are the best on the market.

I am actually really excited for the rest of 2019, without wishing the time away.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?

I am loving this top from SHEIN. It’s perfect for work and weekend with a blazer dressing it up for work meetings & a pair of heels for weekend drinks.  I’ve got so many compliments on it, especially the colours I think it really compliments my skin tone. Don’t forget to add kate015 in at checkout for 15% off.

4 thoughts on “Reflecting On My Year So Far…

    1. It has gone surprisingly quickly! I’m hoping the rest of the summer won’t go by quite so fast.
      Thanks for reading 🙂 x

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