How I Fixed My Skin Issues

I have always been lucky enough to have good skin, even through my teenage years; until recently!

*DISCLAIMER* I am not a skincare expert or deramatoligist this is just my personal experience and some tips that may help you.

I woke up one morning about a month and a half ago to find my skin had become textured with tiny bumps on my jaw line and forehead. They weren’t spots or white heads so I shrugged it off as stress and continued until the texture spread to my cheeks. Wearing make-up made them even more prominent so I turned to Google. Now, I never actually discovered 100% what was happening with my skin – mainly because I didn’t go to a dermatologist however from my internet research it seemed like it was the beginnings of Milla (which mostly occurs due to a build up of dead skin & keratin clogging the pores. So I took certain steps to help combat it, along side my normal skincare routine.

The first thing I did was remove the newest addition to my skincare routine. This just so happened to be a serum, that looking back was possibly too heavy for my skin and didn’t help with the build up. Next I made sure I was more vigilant with changing my flannels and towels as well as pillowcases to ensure my skin wasn’t subject to old dirt – obviously I changed these already but I just upped my game. It means there is more washing but your skin will thank you in the long run.

I also changed my morning skin care routine to include an acid toner; I already had it in my evening routine. Most advice online stated that exfoliating was the key to helping reduce the texture. I made sure I was using a clay mask at least once a week to help with de-congestion as well. Drinking more water was an obvious one that I was failing at, so I made sure I was packing my water bottle everyday for work, in terms of diet I also tried to lower my dairy intake as I know that for some people this can irritate the skin.

Β  Β 

A month later and the texture is reducing, especially on my cheeks where it was most obvious. I am hoping that all my steps will keep it at bay as well as just making my skin glow a little more. Any other tips or tricks would be very much appreciated in the comments below.

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