Meet the Timeless Classic in My Shoe Collection

I can’t even remember when I first started wearing Converse but I’ve never looked back.

As someone who has spent a large amount of my life wearing uncomfortable and ridiculous shoes it seems odd that this battered pair of Converse are now the only shoe I really ever wear! Practical, comfy and so easy to style I dub them my ‘holy grail’ shoes. When my last pair of canvas Converse wore out I immediately logged online to scout out my next pair, I wanted something that would last me and my wardrobe. There are so many different colours to choose from as well as making the difficult decision between high-tops or low tops but I settled on the classic  Chuck Taylors in white leather because they will never go out of style.

Mine are obviously well loved and despite being around 2 years old and being worn at least 4 times a week they are still going strong despite their tatty exterior. I won’t lie I do prefer white converse when they are a little messed up, it’s easier to style them with outfits when they have that loved and lived in look. The best thing is that you can literally style them with everything and I mean everything.


As soon as you slip them on they fit – very much true to size even if you are buying the unisex Oxfords and great if you have slim feet like myself! They don’t rub and despite being leather don’t take an age to wear in.

Just lace up and start walking. The easiest way to style them is obviously with jeans, or leather trousers in my case. It’s that classic look of blue denim with white trainers, most probably with a white t-shirt or shirt; it never goes out of fashion. I love pairing them with my coated leather trousers they help add a casual feel to the look, plus in the rain they are waterproof, unlike the canvas version which will make your feet a little soggy.



     When I first started putting outfits together with my Converse I wasn’t sure about how they would work with the floatier items in my wardrobe but I was pleasantly surprised that they worked perfectly. I can wear them to the pub, the shops, all the way around both Disneyland Paris Parks and I can wear them to smart casual events despite being slightly scruffy. Technically they are trainers but they are so much more chic that I think you can get away with wearing them with most dresses – maybe not a prom dress, you may end up looking like Lily Allen in her ‘hay day’ but if that’s what floats your boat go for it!

This pair will hang on for a little while longer but I think as we get into the wetter weather I may treat myself to another new probably identical pair.

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