How to Have the Perfect Pamper Evening at Home

It’s always a good idea to treat yourself.

Happy International Women’s Day.

Now technically this day is all about commerating the womens right movement, starting conversations that should have been started centuries ago and celebrating amazing women in history. However I think it’s also a great day to celebrate just being a woman and how bloody fantastic it is! My favourite way of celebrating anything is with a pamper day – yes I know that is stereotypically girly but hey that’s who I am. So, I thought I would share with you my perfect pamper night and how I will be celebrating International Women’s Day – boys if you’re reading this first of all yes there is actually an International Men’s Day (it’s on the 19th of November each year) second of all if you have a lady in your life; mum, sister, partner why not take some tips and let them have a bit of luxury this evening!

First things first if you have the time then change the bedding on your bed and get out some fresh pjs. There is nothing better than new sheets and clean pyjamas when you get out of the bath! Then run yourself a hot bath, light some candles and choose what delights you’re going to add.  I love a Lush bath bomb and yes I am still using up some of my Christmas presents; this one is the Christmas Sweater one but my favourites are Dragons Egg, Big Blue and Sex Bomb. If you prefer whack in some bubbles or some bath salts and then hop in and let your stresses steam away, I nearly always have my laptop perched on the loo seat with some sort of rubbish television on to entertain me or a podcast playing, whatever floats your boat.


Regardless of whether you are having a bath or a shower The Sanctuary Spa Shower Oil is the perfect luxury product to clean off the stresses of the week. Packed full of hydrating and moisturising oils you’ll come out of the bathroom feeling like a new woman, if you’re lazy or short for time then the shower oil should keep your skin feeling soft for at least two days but if you’ve got the time smother yourself in Soap&Glory Righteous Butter. It’s been my favourite since I was a teenager and the scent reminds me of summers in Spain and late night beach frolics.


The pampering doesn’t stop there. Slip into those fresh pj’s pull on a dressing gown if needed and possibly pour yourself a cheeky gin and tonic or a glass of bubbly – I also really enjoy tea but it’s a slightly less glamorous image! I love face masks and I go on about them a lot on the blog so I won’t spend too much time. You should have taken your make up off before the bath but if you forgot then make sure you cleanse your face before you start. When I’m in full on pamper mode I tend to double mask starting with the Antonia Burrell Mask Supreme, this draws out any impurities,illuminates and repairs your skin, if you suffer with oily prone skin or are one a budget I would highly recommend The Sanctury Spa Thermal Detox Mask. If you are short on time then pop the Antonia Burrell on as an overnight treatment and wake up with amazingingly soft and clear skin however if you have time pop on a second mask this time a hydrating one like the No7 Hydration Mask.

Once you’ve rinsed off the face mask, go through your skin care routine and then get ready for bed. I’m normally so zen by this time that it really doesn’t take me too long to drift off into the land of nod.

Let me know what your ideal pamper night looks like in the comments below!

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