Long Walks and Beautiful Scenes


No point sitting on your butt when there’s a world to see; well rolling hills.P1270281

We kicked off our third and final day with a mammoth walk; with the goal of walking to the Ridge of the Downs.


Jumper – Topshop (similar)|Shirt – H&M|Leggings – ASOS|Trainers – Nike via ASOS|Cap – Abercrombie via ASOS|Sunglasses – Ralph Lauren.

Much style; mainly comfort.


The views throughout the walk were stunning; everywhere you turned was pure rolling hills and green fields complimented by the bright blue sky.


We made some farm yard friends.


And some feathered friends too!


We took a rest-bite at The Bat & Ball, where the rules of Cricket were discussed and decided on many moons ago. We didn’t have any food there but the menu looked amazing and it’s highly recommended in the guest book.


We continued our walk and stumbled upon a very battered but original version of what we were staying in.


Exhausted we arrived home and stoked up the campfire for a cup of tea.


Before settling down for our last dinner cooked on a campfire.


The next morning we used up the last of our supplies packed up the car and said goodbye to Barrow Hut vowing to return next year; or possibly an autumn trip if I can persuade the Mr.


I cannot recommend Wriggly Tins enough; it’s a fantastic holiday for couples, families, solo travellers who want to get away from the rush of the city.

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