Mr Darcy and Bluebell Woods


The best way to start the day is with breakfast; cooked on an open fire.


We woke with the sun, streaming in through our tiny bed side window and hopped out of bed to get both fires going; it can get a little chilly inside the hut without the wood burning stove on. It was blissful sunshine outside so I got the campfire burning and turned to the wonderful breakfast basket that Alex had bought over the night before.


Freshly baked bread by Alex himself, sausages and bacons from the local farm, some of the most photogenic eggs i’ve ever seen and the best apple juice ever to be produced.P1270219

Fed and dressed we jumped in the car and set off for a little bit of history.


Chawton is home to the house that Jane Austen spent the last years of her life in and wrote some of her classics. The house and gardens are full of so much history that I never even knew about the famous author and her family.


I grew up reading her novels and hoping for my Mr Darcy to come along; spoiler alert I think I might have found him!


Make sure you take some time to take full advantage of the dressing up facilities.


After a history lesson we popped over to Cassandra’s Cup mainly to marvel at the beautiful ceiling installation but to also enjoy a fish finger sandwich, not the finest dining but will hit the spot.


We drove back to our quiet little field stopping to admire the beautiful countryside around us.


Surrounding the huts is a beautiful bluebell wood which I would highly recommend a stroll in; it feels like a fairy glade.


In need of a brew we stoked up the fires and settled down for the afternoon.


That evening we dined on the humble but delicious pasta with sauce and watched the sun set whilst the fire crackled away.


Marshmallows for dessert in the fading light.


We doused the campfire and stoked the log oven to keep us toasty.

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