“Mr. and Mrs. Brown first met Paddington on a railway platform”


We’re going on a bear hunt we’re going to catch a…Paddington!


I once again returned to my beloved london to search out a few of the Paddington Bears that have been placed round the city in celebration of the new film. It’s a great opportunity to see parts of the city that you don’t normally go to and to actually walk around London instead of hopping on and off tubes.


We started off with the Shakesbear which you can find just past the globe, not before stopping at the amazing christmas market situated by the Tate. If for some reason you are feeling a little worse for wear then definitely pick up a hog roast roll it will make you feel much better!



Across the river near St Pauls Cathedral is Bear in the Wood this was quite a quiet bear sighting so if you want to avoid the crowds of bear hunters then check this one out.


The next bear we spotted was inside the Museum of London designed by Benedict Cumberbatch the Sherlock Bear is dressed up as my favourite detective.


Hidden away slightly in Guildhall Square is Good Morning London Paddington, this is a really tricky one to find but I love how different it is from the other ones we had spotted. Round the corner from this bear I stumbled across a gorgeous square full of galleries and museums, finding the perfect spot for some outfit pictures.


Jeans – New Look (similar)|Long Sleeve Top – H&M(sale)|Coat – Abercrombie|Trainers – Converse(similar)|Hat- River Island|Bag – Accesorize(similar).


Outside the very festive Royal Exchange is the R,G,B bear a rather colourful bear it makes the centre of the city look much brighter than it normally does.


Re-tracing our steps we stumbled across Fragile Bear which is near the Tate and that was where our bear hunt stopped however there are fifty to find and with the trail ending on the 30th December what are you waiting for get your bear hunting kit and get out there.


We warmed ourselves up in our favourite Belgium cafe Le Pain Quotidein before heading home.

Have you been on a bear hunt yet?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO

For more information on the Paddington Trail visit here.

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