Top 5 Seventeen Products


Stay Time Foundation|Phwoarr Paint|Stay Pout in Rule Breaker|Blush in Nude|Brow’s that!

Seventeen make-up is definitely over looked by some people; maybe because the name suggests that it is only for teenagers but as someone in their early twenties I love the products and I think the packaging is pretty stylish. The younger sister of the Boots No.7 range it has a wide range of products and here are my top 5.

Stay Time Foundation£6.49

This is a super full coverage foundation and blends really nicely on the skin, with six skin shades catering more towards us paler girls its great for people on a budget. As it is super full coverage if you have dry skin it can look like a little cakey but a good layer of moisturiser should sort you out. Plus it has an SPF of 25 which is great for the summer time.

Phwoarr Paint£5.49

Just like it says on the tin this is a heavy duty under eye concealer which is also perfect for any pesky blemishes. It’s a creamy concealer which blends perfectly into the skin after a little warming between the fingers; like the Stay Time on dry under eyes it may go a little bit cake but an eye cream underneath sorts that out. I love how this is an all purpose concealer at such a low price.

Stay Pout Lipstick in Rule Breaker £4.49

I love a good berry lip especially in the winter and this one is just perfect. The Stay Pout Lipsticks have amazing pigmentation, wear time and are full of shea butter to keep your lips moisturised. With around fifteen shades all packed full of colour you really can’t go wrong with these lipsticks.

Blush Powder in Nude£3.49

A super soft fine powder blush packed full of colour these blushes are perfect for people just starting out with make up and just working out what they like. Have a light hand when applying these as they are really pigmented but they do blend beautifully on the skin.

Brows That Brow Kit£5.99

I don’t mess about with my brows but this little kit is perfect for filling, highlighting and keeping in place those pesky brows. Not the most exciting item but really useful!

If you haven’t already checked out Seventeen products you definitely should!

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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