Lilac Dip Dye ?!


I wanted to dip dye my ends lavender – and before all you hair experts go ‘omgosh thats like the hardest thing to do why did you even try‘ I know it’s hard! I went with Fudge hair products, I purchased Whiter Shade of Pale which is a toner and also good for diluting other dyes and then I also got Blueberry Hill which is a deep purple.

First I toned my hair with the Fudge Whiter Shade of Pale which is fantastic and really helps get rid of the brassy tones especially for brunettes with bleach like me. I then waited a week – maybe this is where I went wrong, before attempting to dye my ends lilac. It was really easy to mix and apply; although I got a little carried away with the Blueberry Hill which is why it’s looking a little more of a purply pink. After washing the dye out it ended up looking like this.


As you can see the dye did not take to all my hair so there are still some blonde strands left but where it did take the colour is not as vibrant as I had hoped it would be. Sadly after these photos were taken I then did a deep condition on my hair and this stripped out all the pink dye out even though its supposed to stay for up to around 20 washes.

I’m not giving up on using the Fudge dye or my lilac dip dye so stay tuned for more attempts.

Any advice or good salons I could visit let me know in the comments!

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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