Grace Bar Reunions


Can you imagine not seeing one of your girlfriends for more than three years…unimaginable I know but the other day I met up with some old dancing buddies of mine for dinner some of whom I hadn’t seen for literally three years. I was in charge of picking the restaurant that was central for all of us and went for Grace Bar on Great Windmill street. I had been once before for a friends birthday and remembered that it was a great place for a good old giggle.


Meet my beautiful friends (excuse the cheesy reunion photo it had to be done after three years) we all started out as dancers now we are a mix of property students, teachers, make up artists and living out the back of a van surfing and living the dream- L I’m looking at you. Grace Bar looks like a rowdy sports bar when you first go in and well to be honest it is but as you wriggle through past the bar and into the restaurant a cool atmosphere takes over which we of course all ruined by squealing and hugging each other.


It was happy hour so I kicked off the night with a spiced pear moijito which was as good as it sounds, I could have drunk ten!


Amongst our excited chatter we managed to order I chose the Pork Chop with fondant potato, red cabbage and Carrot puree alongside a little pot of Gravy and I couldn’t resist taking a photo of K’s Lamb Shank with puy lentil, spinach and red wine jus. I would have photographed the others girls dinners but they mostly picked burgers and they were not the prettiest of dishes. The pork was delicious and the different textures of the cabbage and carrot puree added to the deliciousness of the dish.


Over dessert warm chocolate brownie with ice cream which was so rich I couldn’t finish it the conversation turned to boys. Pudding was soon forgotten as I dived into three years worth of hilarious and awful dates it would seem I just can’t keep a boy longer than a few months. The bill was settled- very reasonable if you drink during happy hour and we all went our separate ways vowing that we wouldn’t wait another three years to see each other again.

For menus and booking click here.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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