When I Grow Old I Will Wear Purple


After my love affair with plum colours in the winter I wanted to see if I could wear purple in the summer months and I am loving the results. Purple is a great way to add a bit of colour to your make up without being too in your face. Here are some of my favourite eye products to use to add a little bit of colour to your peepers.


Victoria Jackson Purple Trio.

Sadly this is no longer available but there are plenty of version of the high street (similar here) Purple eye shadow can be a little bit daunting but if you pair it with a nude lip and blend everything then you can create some gorgeous looks. (My Elsa inspired Prom Look demonstrates this in action)


Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner in Violet – £7.99

If you want something a little more subtle, then the gel liner by Maybelline is perfecting for just popping across the top of the lid. I love gel liner as you get a lot more control when applying and this stays for a long time no smudges or anything.


MUA Eye Pencil in Violet – £1.00 and Rimmel Exaggerate Eye Definer in Perfect Plum – £3.99

If you are more of a kohl pencil type of a person then I have two suggestions for you. The MUA is a light lilac which can really help open up the eyes if you pop it in your water line and the Perfect Plum by Rimmel is great if you are going for a more smokey eye or prefer kohl on your top lid.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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