Shiraz, Squabbles and Summer Evenings


Event: Family Dinner

Guests: Immediate Family

Attire: Dresses and Jumpers

Food&Drink: Summer Roast Chicken and Shiraz


It’s not often that my immediate family all sit for down dinner and seeing as my sister and her husband where here to stay for a while we decided to all sit down for a good old chit chat. My favourite type of meals when it’s the family are the ones where you are constantly passing things to each other getting in each others way and annoying the neighbours with your laughter not just silence in a fancy restaurant. My dad; the chef of the household cooked us up a roast chicken served with roasties, roasted peppers and cabbage smothered in gravy.


As much as I love main courses the dessert and cheese courses have to be my favourite and yet again this was a grab and run situation because we are all fruit and cheese fiends. It was so nice to just sit and chat until the summer sunshine slunk away and the candles needed to be lit.



Dress – Brandy Melville|Shirt – Brandy Melville|Shoes – ASOS|Sunglasses – H&M.

I really embraced summer today whipping out my legs in this gorgeous Brandy Melville summer dress. As an added layer I popped this Brandy Melville cropped shirt over the top which creates a whole new look for the dress and of course on my feet are my beloved cleated sole platforms from ASOS.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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