Just buy me a stick of Brighton rock…


A grey and miserable monday saw K and I jumping on a train to head to even rainier Brighton. Being British the rain however did  not dampen (tee hee) our spirits and we struck out for a cream tea in the heart of the town. K turned 21 recently and you can read about that here and here, part of my present to her was a cream tea and we decided that the seaside town would be a nice place – sadly it decided to be a downpour day.


Talk of Tea is the cutest little tea shop tucked up a side road of the main high street we arrived soggy and were welcomed into the cosy, misty windowed room which has squishy sofas and four tables its a intimate affair and we couldn’t wait to warm ourselves up with a good brew. We went for the whole shebang. Two types of sandwiches which you get to choose from an extensive list K and I went for smoked salmon and cream cheese and tuna mayo. A slice of cake each of your own choosing and a scone each as well. Needless to say we were stuffed by the end of it.


Luckily it had stopped raining by the time we left the tea shop so we went for a little wander along the pebbles and talked about how spooky the old pier looks just standing in amongst the choppy waves before we headed for the pier.

DSCF3649DSCF3653DSCF3660DSCF3663I love Brighton pier and it’s just as awesome when its cold and rainy, it has that sort of eerie feel to it of something abandoned – yes i’m weird. After a ride on the Brighton wheel we headed off for the train station just as it begun to pour with rain again. After an hour of sleepy chatter we were back in London and it wasn’t long before I was in my pyjamas with a warming cuppa.


The explorers.

Have you ever been to Brighton or are you planning a trip? make sure you check out Talk of Tea if you do go!


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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