Living in style day to night | OOTD

Documents2Recently I had half an hour to go from a day with the family to a night with friends so needed something that needed very little thought and that basically meant just adding and taking away. The basics of these two outfits are these amazing H&M high waisted loose trousers and this H&M long-sleeved crop top.


Trousers H&M|Cropped Jumper Vintage Disney|Plum Pumps H&M|Sunglasses H&M

I look miserable in these photos and I wasn’t exactly feeling my best whilst these were taken. For the day look I popped a jumper over the crop top to keep me toasty and wore some flats to make sure my didn’t hurt too much from lots of walking.

DSCF3629DSCF3625 copy

Trousers H&M|Crop top H&M|Coral Heels Topshop|Sunglasses H&M

To make this outfit more night time appropriate I whipped off the jumper chucked on some bright colour pop heels and re-applied my lipstick. The easiest way to make something a bit more glam for the evening.

How do you make an outfit go from day to night?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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