Brows Tidy

If you follow my blog or my Youtube you may have noted that my brows are well a little unruly. I have issues plucking them myself- I feel sick weird I know. So normally it falls upon my rather dear friend to pluck them; now that is real friendship. However I decided to take the plunge and get my little fuzzy brows threaded.

IMG_3396My brows before hand.

As you can see there is no defined arch, my brows were completely different shapes and the middle section was looking a little fuzzy. After putting up a tweet about asking about the pain scale and getting replies such as ‘razor blade to the face’ I still booked myself in and trotted off to the salon with the word of warning ‘Don’t wear make up because you will tear up‘ ringing in my brain.

IMG_3397Just after getting them done-excuse the no make up face.

Well it hurt. A lot! Not quite razor blade but definitely cheese grater, apparently its gets better each time you have it done. It only takes around 10 minutes but it’s rather a shock when they start so brace yourself for that but despite the pain I love how my brows look much more neat and symmetrical. I would highly recommend getting them done and if you are near the Beauty&TheBeach salon that’s where I got mine done and they were fabulous!

Do you pluck your brows or get them threaded?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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