Bailey’s Stardust


Last saturday saw me with a day off work so my mum and I decided to pop into London to see the David Bailey exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. It’s only just opened so you can still book tickets and marvel at all the lovely photographs. I went not really knowing too much about Bailey; just his name and a few of his iconic photos but boy has this guy photographed the best of the best. It’s a gorgeous exhibition of white walls littered with beautiful photographs of the rich and the famous-with a few colour ones thrown in as well.

It’s not a huge exhibit so perfect for people who don’t like trailing round museums but you can get really drawn in by the photos so it’s all perfect for anyone who can spend hours staring at things on the wall (me). Bailey really has this amazing way of just capturing the person in one photograph and the black and white ones are just so striking.


It’s raining in London-no surprises there so it was time to layer everything up. H&M Coat, this is now in the sale I believe but only in stores! Accesorize Tote bag old but this one is similar. Topshop skinny jeans again these were in the sale and keeping my feet warm are my River Island Boots.

We popped into The Sherlock Holmes Pub for a yummy lunch which you can read all about here.


I would highly recommend the Bailey exhibition to pretty much anyone as it’s just so lovely to look at!

More information and tickets here.


Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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