If there is a new pub opening you can guarantee I will be down there as soon as possible to check it out especially if there is food involved. I will also definitely be there if it’s within walking distance and luckily for me a lovely pub opened up not far away from my humble abode.


Stokes & Moncreiff is a bar and restaurant which is a mix of both classic and modern british in both its decor and food. I took a friend for a 21st birthday lunch to check out what it had to offer and it did not disappoint. We were seated in a lovely fresh looking part of the pub which was laid out for table service with fresh herbs on the table and a certain rustic feel to everything. We ordered our drinks from a smartly dressed waitress and got stuck into our catch up.

We broke for a few seconds to glance at the lunch menu which was just how I liked it short and sweet but with a great mix. After a little decision making I opted for the burger because that’s how I like to judge a place on their burger skills. K opted for the sausage trio with colcannon mash. We made an agreement that I could have some of her mash if she could have some of my chips. Orders were taken and the chit chat continued.


This little beauty is my 80z beef burger with applewood cheese and caramelised onion encased in a brioche bun. Served with skin on chips! Not the prettiest burger I have ever seen but the first bite brought my attention to one of the best things ever. A double pattie. I swiftly stopped my conversation and opened up the bun to discover that the cheese was sandwiched between the two patties-heaven in a bun. I wolfed this baby down and after a little issue with Kathryn’s sausages; which was dealt with incredibly swiftly and politely by both the chef and serving staff we both had clear plates.

As I had baked a cake we didn’t have dessert however I did have a sneaky look at the puddings which were listed on the evening menu. After getting distracted at all the wonderful things on the dinner menu; rainbow trout I am coming for you! We paid the bill which was incredibly reasonable and wished the wonderful staff goodbye vowing we would come back soon and trust me I will!


(Me and K being papped by my dad having a chinwag in the street)

For more information and booking check out their website – Β

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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