The Sherlock Holmes Pub

I have spoken about this pub once before on my blog but I wanted to do a full review because this is one those little hidden gems of London. This gorgeous little pub is on the end of Northumberland Street and is completely Sherlock Holmes themed which for people like me is heaven in a pub.


Downstairs is a normal pub and then if you go upstairs you enter the restaurant and I would highly recommend booking because it was really busy. The highlight of the decoration is the mock up of Sherlock Holmes’ study which can you look at whilst you eat; in general the decoration is a modern twist on a victorian base. Very welcoming and comfortable.


The menu is honest British food; I ordered the toad in the hole and my mum who I was with ordered a fish cake with hand cut chips; however we spent a good half an hour trying to work out what we wanted because everything sounded fabulous! There food came pretty swiftly which was very impressive regarding how busy they were and all I can say is wow! The portion sizes are amazing-so huge I could barely finish mine and the tastiest toad in the hole i’ve ever eaten and as for the price two mains and two drinks came to just over £20.00 not bad at all in fact rather bloody good!


Sadly I was too full to have a dessert but I saw some going to other tables and they looked equally delicious. I finished off my meal with a cup of tea before rolling myself home! This place is perfect for both Sherlock fans and good food fans.

Check out Menu’s and Bookings here.

Peace Out and Pixie


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