The Perfect Pair of Skinny Jeans


I pretty much wear skinny jeans on a day to day basis; they are perfect for work, university and just nipping to the shops whilst still looking chic. I, like most women-and probably men have spent the majority of my life trying to find the perfect pair of jeans which has meant many a shopping trip sitting in the changing rooms almost in tears because you haven’t found the perfect pair however I think I have stumbled across them in none other than Topshop.


The Leigh Skinny Jeans from Topshop retail at £38.00 for the basic version and £40.00 for the patterned version however I have purchased most of my pairs in the sale. What I love most about these jeans are that they are super skinny and super soft allowing a lot of movement. They really are figure hugging but they hit your legs in all the right places. I have four pairs of these in my wardrobe and I am sure I shall be collecting more in future.


Leigh Jeans come in so many different colours and patterns depending on the trends so if you just buy the block colours then they will never go out of fashion!

Have you found the perfect jeans for you yet?

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


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