MAC Satin Lipstick in Snob – £15.00

If you have read my MAC Lipstick collection post then you will know that this one of the oddest lipsticks in my collection and I barely wore it. It’s a blue toned almost baby pink colour with a little hint of lilac which is something I would normally shy away from but in the last few weeks I have been wearing this non stop.I tend to opt now for more blue toned reds and pinks as they make my coffee drinker teeth look a lot nicer and this is fast becoming one of my favourites. It looks great with a flick of eyeliner and lashes of mascara; although i’m not sure if it will suit all skin tones so would be worth trying it on in store before you purchase it. Snob is a satin finish so it’s pretty much matte with a little bit of shine and doesn’t dry your lips out. Once this is on your lips it isn’t really budging and I love the fact this doesn’t transfer onto coffee cups etc.

Peace Out and Pixie Dust XO


3 thoughts on “SNOB|Review

  1. Non transfer is quite welcome. It’s really weird having to leave lip stains on other people’s cups when I visit ahahaha, I always have to be careful what lipstick I wear 🙂

      1. OH God yes haha! And then you just look at it all night and try to drink by putting your lips in the same spot so you don’t make it worse.

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